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11 Amazing benefits of Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera ) (लटजीरा) | Introduction | Medicinal Benefits | Usage

Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera) (लटजीरा) Introduction:

Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera ) means one which balances doshas, calms over hunger (Bulimia), heals Teeth diseases, relives Urinary Diseases. It is also a very handful herb in many diseases.

Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera)

Common names of Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera )

 Common Names of Apamarg(Achyranthes Aspera)

Botanical Name

Achyranthes Aspera


Prickly/Rough Chaff-Flower,   Washerman’s Plant


चिरचिटा, लटजीरा, उल्टाकांटा


Apamarg, Shikhari, Durgraha, Kharmanjari


Alpumah, Kharevazhum, Uttarni



Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera ) Introduction:

Apamarg means one which balances doshas, calms over hunger (Bulimia), heals Teeth diseases, relives Urinary Diseases. It is also a very handful herb in many diseases.

Apamarg usually found everywhere in Forests, Towns, backyards. We all must have seen this many times but don’t familiar with the name or Apamarg benefits. It grows in the rainy season and dries in summers. It has two types
  • White Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera)
  • Red Apamarg (cyathula prostrate blume)
Apamarg plant usually grows 2-5 feet from the ground, it’s flower is covered with green and pink buds, it’s seeds are seems like rice grains, leaves are very small and covered with white brows which are long, hoarse, and thorny.   

Ayurvedic Properties of Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera )


ApamargAyurvedic Properties (Gun-dharm)                

Balances all three Doshas Vaat Pitta and Kapha
Rasa (Taste)
Katu (pungent), Tikta (bitter), Kasay (astringent)
Guna (Qualities)
Laghu (light), Ruksh (dry)
Virya (Potency)
Sheeta (Cold)
Vipka(Post Digestion Effect)
Kramingnaa, Vamanopagaa, Shiroveerechan

benefits of Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera ) herbal arcade
benefits of Apamarg (Achyranthes Aspera ) herbal arcade
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Apamarg (Achyranthes aspera) Medicinal Benefits and Usage:

Apamarg uses in dental pain: 

keeping chewed leaves beneath your tooth helps in toothache, chewing and brushing teeth with stem strengthen gingival and teeth, lessen mouth odor

Apamarg uses in Mouth Ulcers: 

gargle with the decoction of leaves will heal mouth ulcers.

Apamarg uses in Bulimia (भस्मकरोग):

Ayurveda wonders, Over hunger(person who keeps carving all the time even after eating) can be cured with this holy herb. Crush 10gm of Apamarg seed boil it in 2 cups of milk and sugar to taste, boil till it remains 1 cup. Having it 2 to 3 times will cure bulimia.

Apamarg uses in Respiratory Diseases:

Smoking Dry leaves relief in Asthma and cough with mucus. Apamarg Kshar gives magical effects in several Respiratory Problems as it is a great detoxifying herb. It also balances Kapha dosha.

Apamarg uses in Injury:

Apamarg can be a magic healer, crush 4-5 leaves and apply on scratch or injury. It will stop bleeding and heal.

Apamarg uses for Skin:

apply crushed leaves on skin diseases and lumps.

Apamarg for Healing wounds:

Wash Stubborn wound with Apamarg decoction (काढ़ा) or juice heals faster.

Apamarg for Cholera (हैजा):

Apamarg root powder ¼ teaspoon with cold water three times a day, gives great relief in cholera.

Apamarg uses in Hemorrhoids (rakt arsh, khooni bawasir):

¼ teaspoon finely crushed Apamarg seeds with sugar twice a day gives relief in Hemorrhoid.

Apamarg use for Normal Delivery: 

It might sound myth, but it is said that applying crushed fresh root between woman’s navel and ovary encourage quicker delivery and reduces pain.

Apamarg uses in Menstrual Disorders:

Apamarg juice has a quick response in Menorrhagia.

Red Apamarg (cyathula prostrate blume)
Useful: Root, Leaves, Seeds, Panchang
Above Post is for Information Purposes, data are collected from various literatures or experiences of many physicians (vaidya). Please do consult your doctor before trying.
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