What is Air Element??

The Air Element | Pancha mahabhoota

What is Air Element?

The factor of air is “Touch”(स्पर्श). In our body, the skin (to sense touch) and The hands (to reach out to touch) are associated organs of the Air element. Talk about qualities of air Element, Air is mobile as it is flowing, Air is light, the air is cool until it meets fire element, Air is dry until it combines with the water element, Air is rough, the air is subtle, and the air is clear until it mixes up with earth or water.
The air element, Also known as “Vayu”. Air is the second of the Pancha-mahabhootas. because it originated from the ether. The air element represents the motion, the flow, the moment, a form of kinetic energy.


Air Element

Types of Air Element

Usually, the air element considered as the air we breathe. this is partially true, the ancient scriptures say that air is the most essential source of life. air is the most essential element for survival and for the existence of life, a vacuum will kill us faster than the elimination of any other Super elements.

The concept of air(Vayu) is often considered as Prana Vayu(energy of life) and it is also correct but not proper. In nature, there are five forms of air according to its direction of movement: prana(breathe), vyana(outward), udana(upward), apana(downward), saman(center)(which binds others towards the center). These five types of vayu are called the panch pranas vayu (five Air).

Vayu Tattva

The Importance of Air Element

Air is responsible for motion in life such as blood circulation, digestive system, nerve pulses, breath, thoughts to flow. The motion may be too fast or too slow, but the motion entirely depends upon Air Element. When Motion gets obstructed or blocked, different diseases may take place depends upon the location of the air that is being obstructed. Let’s understand this by example if our digestive system works too fast in motion will result in diarrhea, and on the other hand, a slow or very slow motion results in sluggish motion or severe constipation.

Five Types of Air

Air Element Effects on Dosha

Air and Space(ether) create Vata dosha.  Any imbalance of air or ether will give a consequent result as Vata dosha imbalance.  In other words, healthy motion results in healthy Vata dosha, and flow without obstruction. Control upon motion in any part of our body prevents excess flow, and freeing up motions will prevent blockages or make constant stagnation things flowing. a proper balance between freedom and control is the key to maintain Vata healthy.

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