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Giloy(गिलोय) (Tinospora Cordifolia) | Intro | Benifits | Usage

Giloy(गिलोय) Introduction

Giloy(गिलोय) has umpteen medicinal properties. It is also known as Amrita which means the elixir of immortality. This herb has plentiful usages in general as well as fatal diseases.

Its stem is the most useful part, it’s Root and Panchang (mix of all five elements of the plant) are also used in many treatments. It is consumed in various forms like juice, powder, extract(satva), kwath, tablet.

Giloy Creeper and leaves | Herbal Arcade
Giloy Creeper and leaves | Herbal Arcade
Giloy is a climbing or creeping ropelike plant that can be found almost everywhere over walls, trees, and buildings. Neem giloy (one which climbs over the neem tree)  is very prominent for medicinal purposes.
Giloy Health Benefits| Herbal Arcade
Giloy Health Benefits| Herbal Arcade

Giloy(गिलोय) Common Names

Botanical Name- Tinospora Cordifolia

English– Tinospora, Heart-leaved moonseed
Hindi– Giloy, Guduchi, guruch
Other – Amrita, Amrit-bel, amritvalliFamily – Menispermaceae


Ayurvedic Properties of Giloy(गिलोय)

Kapha – shamak               vaat – karak        pitta – shamak
Bitter, Astringent, Laghu, Deepan, Chakshushyam, Dhatukrit, Medhayam, Bayasthaapankarakam, Digestive, Stress Reliever, Anti Fever, Anti Bacterial, Immune Modulator, Kushtghan, Paachan, Pitta Sarak, Anuloman.

Giloy Health Benefits & usage

For Boosting Immunity:

Giloy is having plenty of antioxidants that can fight micro-bacteria in the inactive state too, it detoxes and strengthen the immune system fast and efficiently. It is the best natural immune booster preferred in diseases that reduces blood platelets and disturbs the immune system. A cancer patient can have this juice with wheatgrass juice.

Chronic fever: Amrita(गिलोय) can be Lifesaver

  • Giloy is highly pyretic. It is useful in general fever to life-threatening chronic fever like dengue, malaria, flu, swine flu, typhoid, etc.

for Eye disorder:

  • Giloy juice’s regular intake increases eye-sight capacity.

Giloy(गिलोय) for Respiratory system:

  • Giloy is anti-inflammatory it helps in cough, hiccup, tuberculosis, cold, and tonsils.

Improving Digestion :

  • Giloy is really helpful in most digestion-related issues like indigestion, bowel-related diseases, gastric, bloating, constipation, jaundice, piles.

Giloy(गिलोय) for Arthritis :

  • Giloy contains anti-arthritic properties. Having kwath of This herb can heal arthritis, joint pains and related diseases.

Rejuvenate Yourself with Giloy(गिलोय):

  • Giloy works great as an anti-aging, taking it’s juice for long time benefits in dark spots pimples fine lines wrinkle gives flawless glowing skin.

Giloy Reduces Asthama:

  • Giloy juice and chewing root of Giloy is helpful in releasing cough, bronchitis, and asthma.

Handy herb in Diabetes:

  • juice of Amrita (गिलोय) can be very effective medicine in type 2 diabetes.

Anxiety!! Consider Giloy a good friend. 

  • Giloy relaxes in mental stress and anxiety, regular intake boosts memory.
Giloy Leaves | Herbal Arcade
Giloy Leaves | Herbal Arcade
Caution: although Giloy has Tons of benefits, there are also no such serious side effects but it may cause constipation and may decrease your sugar level.

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