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Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo) (शीशम) | Introduction | Medicinal Benefits | Usage

10 Tremendous Benefits of Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo) (शीशम)

Sheesham (शीशम) Introduction

Sheesham (शीशम), known commonly as North Indian rosewood, is a fast-growing, hardy deciduous rosewood tree native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southern Iran. Sheesham is used in the manufacture of wooden buildings and furniture as it is very durable and Hardy deciduous wood. Sheesham planted and self-cultivated trees are found on the roadside all across India.

Common Synonyms of Sheesham (शीशम)

Botanical Name

Dalbergia Sissoo



Sheesham, North Indian rosewood


शीशम, Shisham


Shinshap, shayama, Krishna-sar, pichchila


Sisu, biridi, Agaru, Gette, bandre-shirin, nelkar, iruvil




It has a straight tall tree of about 15-30 m high. Its bark is thick, brown, and cracked. New branches are soft and downy. Its Leaves are round, pointed, and long. Its flowers are small and yellow in color. Its Beans are 3–6 cm long 0.5–1.5 cm wide, thin, brown, and 2-3 seeded. The seeds are small and flattened. Its floral period is from March to April.

Sheesham Tree

Ayurvedic Properties (Gun-dharma) of Sheesham (शीशम)                


Balances Vaata and Kapha dosha

Rasa (Taste)

Katu, kashaya, tikta (bitter, pungent, astringent)

Guna (Qualities)

Laghu, ruksh (light, dry)

Virya (Potency)


Vipka(Post Digestion Effect)



Deepya (improves digestion)

Sheesham (शीशम) Medicinal Benefits and Usage

  • Sheesham (शीशम) for Abdominal Diseases

    • Abdominal pain: Drinking 10-15 ml Sheesham leaves juice is helpful in mitigating abdominal pain.
    • Jaundice: Giving 10-15 ml Sheesham leaves twice a day, is also beneficial in jaundice disease.
    • Bloody diarrhea: Taking 10 grams of sugar in 5 ml Sheesham in amoebic dysentery, provides relief in bloody diarrhea.
  • Strangury (मूत्रकृच्छ)

    • A decoction of leaves the boiling of leaves twice a day. There is benefit in blockage or irritation at the base of the bladder, resulting in severe pain and a strong desire to urinate.
  • Sheesham (शीशम) for Menorrhagia

    • Giving 10-15 leaves of Sheesham juice twice a day with whole sugar is beneficial in excessive bleeding.
  • Skin problems

    • Skin problems and Wounds: oil obtained by Sheesham wood and seed can be used externally to treat infected wounds. Applying it to skin diseases like Itching, burning sensation of the body is beneficial.
    • Pimples: Boils and pimples mitigates by drinking 30 ml Sheesham leaves decoction in the morning
  • Promote Good cholesterol

    • Sheesham is useful in promoting High-density lipoprotein and reducing low-density lipoprotein, thus it maintains a good cholesterol level.
  • Sheesham (शीशम) in Leprosy

    • Drinking Sheesham leaves decoction with honey, in the morning for a month provides great benefit in leprosy.
  • Blood Purifier

    • Blood Disorders: Sheesham mitigates blood disorders. When the blood gets contaminated then the body shows symptoms like pimples, someone gets boils, etc.
    • Soak 1 kg of sawdust in 4 liters of water, boil it until half is left, filter it, add 1KG sugar and make syrup, this syrup is a blood purifier.
  • Excessive sweating

    • Having juice of 15-20 Sheesham leaves for 15 days with 10 grams of sugar in the morning reduces over sweating.

Useful Parts of Sheesham (शीशम):

  • Root
  • Leaves
  • Trunk
  • Panchang


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**Above Post is for Information Purposes, data are collected from various literatures or experiences of many physicians (vaidya). Please do consult your doctor before trying.**

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