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What Is Water Element?

Water Element – Jal Tattva: Water element comes forth, in order to formation of elements, water element also called as “Jal tatva”, water element evolves by all three elements we understood till know The Air, The Ether, and The Fire.

As we have heard that our body has more than 60% of water. Now you would ask when I got cut no water burst out of my skin its blood. So every fluidic substance in the body represents the water element.

We need to understand that crystal clear water, not the only water, every fluidic substance has a water element. Back to the human body, the water element nourishes and protects our body. Every element has its unique property, the water element helps to balance other element’s roles in our body.



Types of Water Element – Jal Tattva-

As we know, Kapha dosha is made up of water and earth elements, so we can bifurcate types of water elements by types and functions of five types of Kapha dosha. as a protector in the form of saliva is known as bodhaka Kapha,

in the form mucous helps proper digestion, called Kledaka Kapha.

other qualities of water are flowing passing and protecting pulses and to and from the brain is called Tarpaka Kapha.

as we need grease or lubrication to smoothly work in hardware or in automobiles. our body’s hardware are bones and we certainly need lubrication between each one, that lubrication is known as the synovial fluid that aids smooth friction and motion in joint. a synovial fluid called Sleshaka Kapha.

as a helper of other elements to work, we understood how to breathe is so important to survival. and too flowing air will make our respiratory tract dry, to protect the respiratory system from drying water elements works known as Avalambaka Kapha.


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Qualities of The Water Element


The water factor of the Water element is Taste (Rasa). In our body Tongue is the associated organ to sense Taste. taste Sense a completely dependent on water or saliva, that is why our body keeps our tongue covered with saliva by secretion of saliva from salivary glands. sense of taste is not possible without a water element. Any disease related to “taste sensation” occurs due to the disturbance of the water element.

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