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Eranda (Castor oil plant), (Ricinus communius)(एरण्ड ) | Introduction | Common Names | Benefits | Usages | Gallery

Eranda ( Castor oil plant )( Ricinus communius ) Introduction:

Eranda (Castor oil plant) is a small plant or shrub that can be found up to 2000 m altitude in forest soil. The oil which is extracted from its seed kernel is an unhazardous laxative. Eranda is used for multiple purposes in ayurvedic medicine as it has numerous medical qualities. It is one of the best medications for treating constipation and teeth ailments. Eranda seed oil is effective for a person suffering from rheumatism. The patient who is suffering from hemorrhoids, Fistula, rectal prolapse can ex-out their stool without any pressure if they are fed Eranda pak.

Whose tree seeds are big, their oil is used for burning and whose seeds are small, are used for remedy. Every part of Eranda is poisonous but its seed possesses ricin that is a poisonous compound. Due to this, it is one of the most poisonous plants. Thus It’s seed has to be purified for making remedy. Castor is an indigenous plant to India, eastern Africa and etc.

Purging nut (Jatropha curcas) is also used as medicine. It is the tribal tree of South America but it is found in almost every part of India. People plant it as fencing. There are one species ( jatropha gossipifolia) of purging nut which possesses red flowers is called red purging nut.

Purging nut is used for curing pain in teeth, abdominal diseases, dysentery, skin diseases, fever and etc.

Common Synonyms Of Eranda (Castor oil plant)-

Common Names of Eranda (Castor oil plant)Herbal-Arcade
Common Names of Eranda (Castor oil plant)Herbal-Arcade

 Eranda (Castor oil plant)Ayurvedic Properties –

Ayurvedic Properties of Eranda (Castor oil plant)Herbal-Arcade
Ayurvedic Properties of Eranda (Castor oil plant)Herbal-Arcade
Castor Ayurvedic Properties

 Eranda (Castor oil plant) Medicinal Benefits and Usage

  • Eye disease

  • dropping two drops of Eranda’s oil in the eye will take out dust from the eye and will stop gritty in the eyes.
  • Thorax diseases

    • Cough: Add 2-3ml oil and equal part of jaggery in 500mg blend of Eranda leaf and licking this will get you rid of cough.
  • Constipation

    • Castor oil act as a natural laxative because it helps muscles to improve movement to push material through the intestine. For constipation, castor oil is used as medication.
  •  Eranda (Castor oil plant) for Abdomen disorder

    • Grind the kernel of the Eranda seed, boil it in 4 times extra cow milk, when it’s become like condensed milk then add 1-2 part of sugar and make linctus. Eating this 8-10 gm daily will help you to mitigate abdomen disorders. In chronic abdomen pain, one can squeeze one lemon in 200 ml warm water and 8-10 drops of Eranda oil in it, drinking this daily before sleep will reduce abdomen pain.
  • Dysentery

    • In this disorder bleeding starts with mucus so, giving 8-10 ml Eranda oil in the initial can reduce mucus and bleeding will get lessened.
  •  Eranda (Castor oil plant) for Appendicitis

    • There would be no need for the surgical process if a patient is given Eranda’s 7-10 ml oil daily in inception.
  • Abdomen helminth

    • Applying juice of Eranda’s leaves twice a day on the anus of the child daily will kill the helminth.
  • Anus disease( Haemorrhoids )

    • Mix 12-15 ml fresh Aloe vera juice in 25-30 ml Eranda leave decoction, drinking this in the morning & evening will help you from hemorrhoids.
    • Mix fresh aloe vera gel and Eranda oil, applying it on a wart will reduce inflammation.
  • Liverspleen diseases(Jaundice)

    • If any pregnant woman suffers from jaundice and that is in the initial stage, feeding 7-10 ml fresh juice of Eranda leaves in the early morning for 5 days will help her to get rid of jaundice.
    • Add two spoons of honey in 30 ml Eranda root decoction and making it drink would help in jaundice
  • Renal disease

    • Kidney pain– grind kernel of Eranda, warm it and applying the paste of it on bottom of the abdomen will reduce kidney pain.
  • Reproductive system

    • castor oil is used for massage on the breast of a woman to improve the outflow of milk.
  • Milk Gland

    • Whenever in women milk secretion get stopped then small knots gather in breasts, then boil 450-500 gm Eranda leaves in 20-liter water for an hour & then spill warm water squirt on the breast of the woman for 20 mins. , Do the massage from Eranda oil and tie a small layer poultice of boiled Eranda leaves on breasts. These will break all knots and milk secretion will be resumed.
  • Breast nipples rupture

    • When the skin around the nipples gets ruptured then applying Erandas oil will give benefits.
  • Vaginal pain

    • put a small swab of cotton in Eranda’s oil and putting this in the vagina will mitigate vaginal pain.
    • Parturition pain can be reduced by Eranda’s oil.
  •  Eranda (Castor oil plant) for Menstrual disorder

    • just give the heat to errands leaves and then tie these on the stomach will give reduce menstrual disorder.
  • Skin diseases

    • Castor oil assist to heal the wound because it creates a moist environment which promotes healing and it also helps in recreating new tissues.
  • Sinus

    • Applying the paste after grinding of soft buds of Eranda will clear sinus and will reduce it.
  • Eranda (Castor oil plant) for Bedsore

    • Applying Eranda’s oil can ameliorate bedsore.
  • Skin disease

    • make a decoction by cooking the 200 gm of Eranda’s root in 400 ml water, drinking it when it remains 100 ml, will be effective for skin disease.  
  • Old sore

    • Grinding Eranda’s leaves, applying it will give an instant result and will remove skin sore.
    • Eranda is also used for treating Abscess.
  • Joints of bones-Gout

    • Drinking 10 ml Eranda’s oil with one glass of milk will get you rid of gout. 
  •  Eranda (Castor oil plant) for Arthritis

    •  Applying Eranda & henna (मेहंदी) leaves after grinding on the affected part will mitigate Arthritis. Eranda also helps in rheumatism.

Useful Parts of Eranda (Castor oil plant)

  • Root
  • Seed
  • Leaf
  • Flower
  • Seed-oil

Dosage of Eranda (Castor oil plant)

  • oil: 10-20 ml
  • Seed: 2-6 seeds 
  • leaf decoction

** Above Post is for Information Purposes, data are collected from various literature or experiences of many physicians (vaidya). Please do consult your doctor before trying. **

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