The Fire Element | Panchmahabhoot

What is a Fire Element?

The fire element, Also known as “Agni”, is the third of the Pancha mahabhootas(five super elements). fire elements evolve from space(ether) and air elements. ether or space needed to form fire (which never gets still) and the air is needed to burn.

The fire element represents light and heat. Fire produces energy for the body. Fire is the process of releasing energy from its source.

The factor of the fire element is rupa (formation or color). Fire produces the light and due to light the sense of vision is taking place, and the associated organ through we sense vision is the eyes. disorders related to Vision perception are due to the fire element.


Fire Element Panch Mahabhoot | Herbal Arcade

Qualities of Fire Element 

Qualities of the Fire element are hot, dry, light, rough, flowing, clear, stable, sharp, and soft. the fire element is neither stable nor mobile. motion or mobility we see in fire is due to air, air element provides fire quality of mobility. Fire represents heat, energy, light, metabolism, several transformations in the body.


Fire Element Qualities Panch Mahabhoot | Herbal Arcade

Types of Fire (Agni)

There are different types of Agni described by several Maharshi. some scriptures believe in 13 types(1 jatharagni + 5 bhootagni + 7 dhatuagni) of Agni yet some believe 5 types of Agni. we will discuss 13 types. The first and the most important is “Jatharagni” also known as Pachak Agni The fire that digests food is called pachaka Agni. next 5 agni are bhootagni, five Agni from five basic elements, and the last seven agni belongs to saptdhatuagni seven Agni presents in one of each of the seven Dhatu (tissues).

Why is it important to balance Agni? 

Imbalacnement of fire leads us to diseases eg Excess fire in the body leads to excess heat and deficient fire results in cold. our body itself deals with excess heat, you may feel symptoms like the body sweats and urinates more, and the stools more frequent and less firm.