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Ayurveda is not just an ancient medical or healing technic, it is way beyond, it is about body, soul, mind, living, Relax, Innerpeace, science, healing and a wonderful way to live a healthy and joyful life.

Herbal Arcade is an endeavor to rejuvenate the ayurvedic legacy which has got blurred in this modern era. In the era of chemicalized allopathic medicine, we have forgotten that the plants in our lawn, garden, and our kitchen are the best source of natural medicines that have miraculous benefits for our mental and physical health.  We through this blog motive to educate people about the miraculous benefits of Ayurveda, Herbs, and Yoga.
Herbs are not just plants or trees, even more, than half of the medical sciences depends directly or indirectly on herbs or natural minerals. Herbs are so rich in medicinal values. capable of healing major disease to a living disease-free life, and can be found in your kitchen, lawns, backyards, around you.

We believe, if every individual learns about Ayurveda, the benefits of herbs and Yoga, and implements those learnings in life then he/she would have to visit the doctor very rarely and they may get a body full of energy and a peaceful mind. 

our purpose is to make proper awareness about Ayurveda in our Life and that is why we are trying to deliver a systematic and easy way of getting knowledge about Ayurveda and herbs through our blog “Herbal Arcade”.

About Team 

  • Abhinandan Surana (Founder)
  • Chanda Teli (Chief Editor)
  • Prateek Saini (Tech & Marketing)
  • Hemant Chaudhary (Video Editing & Graphic design)
  • Dr. Neeraj Namdev (BAMS)(Practicing with well Known Clinic)
  • Divya Jain (Ayurveda Learner)
  • Aditya Jain (Ayurveda Learner)
  • Kailash Lohar (Ayurveda Learner)
  • Dr.Hrishikesh Gawali (BAMS Student)

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