Do There are Best Before or expiry dates in Ayurvedic medicines??

Ayurvedic Medicines Best Before 


Common Saying that in Ayurveda Medicines don’t expire. this may seem odd but according to ancient scriptures, there are duration limits described for maximum potency of medicines. although after passing this duration all medicines do not expire but gives the best results when used within the duration. let’s understand how long different medicines result best.


Best Before of Churna and Raw Herbs


  • Raw Herbs

    • Collected from farms or forests will give the best results for 1 year.


  • Single herb blend or Simple Churna

    • gives best results for 3 months, for example, ashwagandha churna, amla churna 
    • Blend of herbs with salts or asafetida or Mercury will best for 6 months, for eg.  (putting in a glass airtight container will help to keep its medicinal value for even longer)


Best Before of Asava and Arishth


  • Asava Arishth

    • Fermented liquid medicine contains self-generated alcohol. Asava Arishth is free from Expiry dates as its potency increases as it ages, Usually written 10 years over most pharmacy’s bottles.


Best Before of Kwath And Kashaya


  • Kwath (Churana) (Herbal Tea)(Blend of Herbs)

    • Kwath: best before 2 years
  • Kashayam (decoction)

    • Syrup made by boiling herbs for a long time. Kashayam is prescribed by scriptures and vaidyas 6 months -3 years depends upon type and method of preparation
    • Kashayam (decoction) – decoction made at home must be taken immediately


Best Before of Vati, Guti, Avleh, Ark, Tail in Ayurveda


  • Tablet (vati, gutika, guggul)

    • tablets prepared from Herbal Ingredients: best before 2-3 years


  • Herbal Jam(Avleh, Leham)

    • Syrup made by boiling herbs for a long time.
    • Avleh(leham)- best before 3 years
  • Ark (Herbal extracts)

    • Liquid extract by distilling herb(s)
    • Ark – Best before 1 year
  • Ayurvedic Tail (Herbal Oils)

    • 3 years



Best Before of Grit, Lavan, Eye Drops and Bhasm
  • Grit(ayurvedic ghee)

    • 2 years
  • Lavana(salts), Kshara(alkalis)

    • 4-5 years
  • Dant Manjan

    • 2-3 years
  • Eye Drops

    • 1 month (if placed in an airtight container 1 year)

  • Metal Bhasm

    • 10 years(gold bhasm potency increases as it ages)
** Above Post is for Information Purposes, data are collected from various literature or experiences of many physicians (vaidya).**


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