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11 Amazing Tea Benefit (s) That will increase your love towards “Tea”-

Tea ( Camellia sinensis) Introduction :

Amazing Tea Benefit(s) has been said in several Articles. Tea is known as the most favorite refreshment drink worldwide. In India Tea offered as a welcome drink, considered the best-loved and commonly offered drink to Guests and visitors. Tea is mostly found in China, India, Japan, Srilanka, and Northeast Asia. In India, it is found in Assam, Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Punjab, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, and South India.

in India, tea was broadcasted by the British company East India in the 17th century. East India Company started the cultivation of tea by people and made a huge profit from it. In 1907 the tea which was cultivated in India was considered as the best tea than the rest of the nations. Today tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. 

Tea leaf
Tea Story

Tea popularity has increased on such a level that today there would not be any place in India where it is not taken or people have become addicted to it. Tea contains caffeine and many more components. Tea extract shows multiple numbers of qualities like- antitumor, antioxidant, antiviral, cholesterol & blood pressure lessening activity.

Tea Fields
Tea Fields

Tea is an evergreen shrub plant with a huge number of branches.  Its leaves look like dark green, roughly serrate and short-petiolate. The tea plant is naturally 9-15 m tall. For better production of tea and for ease of farming its hazel are cut down timely. Tea flowers are white in color, aromatic, single, or in a group of 2-4 flowers. 

Tea benefit Herbal Arcade
Tea benefit Herbal Arcade

Tea benefit (s) and usages

  • Tea benefit in Headache

Another tea benefit is, it is good for headaches. Make the Decoction of tea’s leaves, drinking this in a quantity of 6-15 ml will reduce your headache.

  • Eye disease

      • Dropping 2 drops of tea Decoction in eyes for 3 days will give you relaxation from eye irritation.
Tea Collection
Tea Collection
  • The benefit of Tea in Throat Diseases

    • Another tea benefit is, Tea takes care of your throat and the blends we put while making tea, like basil, ginger, Cardamom is also helpful for your throat.
    • if there is damage (क्षत) in the throat due to stomach problem or taking hot liquid beverages in excessive quantity, then doing Gargle from decoction of tea twice a day will get you relief from the damage of the throat.
  • Thorax diseases

    • Make the decoction by adding myrrh, baheda ( बहेड़ा), Amla, Ravindchini ( रेवन्दचीनी), and tea, taking 16-20 ml this decoction will suppress respiratory disorder, cough, and other problems.
Dried Tea benefit Herbal Arcade
Dried Tea benefit Herbal Arcade
  • Tea benefit in Common cold

    • Drinking decoction of tea, Mulethi (मुलेठी), and Viola odorata (बनफ्शा) will help in common cold.
  • Tea benefit (s) for Common Cough

    • cough is one of the most common diseases once a year one needs to fight with, general infection in the respiratory tract appears with cough may lead to severe cold and flu if not taken care of properly, the decoction of Tea Ginger, black pepper with brown sugar do miracle in cough and cold.
  • Abdominal pain

    • Add mint, Akarkara (अकरकरा) in the decoction of tea and then just cook it, taking 15 ml it will reduce the pain of the stomach which is caused by air.
  • Kidney related disease

  • Urine disorder-  Drinking 15 ml Decoction of tea's leaves will help you in urine disorder.
  • Reproductive parts related

Aphrodisiac-  Mix tea with Salam mishri ( सालम मिश्री), Cinnamon ( दाल चीनी), and milk, cook it and talking this in 15 ml quantity will increase the desire of sex. 

  • The Tea benefit for Skin-related problems 

    • Tea decoction also helps in if someone’s any part of the body is burnt from hot water, hot oil, fire and etc. Tea doesn’t let blisters become and also reduces spots on the skin.
Tea benefit Hrebal Arcade
Tea benefit Hrebal Arcade
  • For the whole body 

    • Drinking the Decoction of tea leaves helps in reducing muscular fatigue and fever.
    • Just grind the tea and warm it, applying on a swelled part will suppress swelling. 

Tea Common Names

Tea Common Names/Tea benefits  Herbal Arcade
Tea Common Names/Tea benefits Herbal Arcade

Ayurvedic Properties of Tea

Ayurvedic Properties of Tea benefit Herbal Arcade
Ayurvedic Properties of Tea benefit Herbal Arcade
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