What is Ether or space Element?

The Ether or space Element | Pancha mahabhoota

Ether Element Introduction:

Ether is a vast area but it doesn’t have a boundary, it is often referred to as “Emptiness” or sky or “space”. Ether is the first one of the great elements because it is the most subtle element of all. The factor of Ether element is sound because The origin of ether is a word(शब्द). let’s understand the sense of “sound” in the human body, the ear is the organ to sense the sound or ‘element ether’, and the mouth is its organ to produce the sound. simply, diseases related to hearing and voice are diseases that relate to deterioration or unbalance of the ether element.

Ether Element

The Ether element is expressed by empty spaces. The hollow of the lungs, blood vessels, empty intestines, and the bladder is filled with ether. unbalance ether element in our body shows the escalation of space element. as a result destruction of tissue takes place and disorders such as Parkinson’s and Paralysis occur. where space is created in the body disease related to ether element, occurs. the similar problems we can see in the pancreas.

Ether Element

Ether Element Effects on Dosha

Ether and Air create Vata dosha. means, any vitiation in ether will, at last, disturb Vata dosha. so controlling ether from increasing will result in balancing Vata dosha.

Importance of Ether in Life

As we have understood that ether is a space and the same thing can be related to space in our lives. more space in our life is an emptiness in order to fill space in life. be social allow your self to get engage with friends, family, adventure, hobbies, singing, and whatever you love. Lessening Emptiness is never a means to make yourself busier. but by being nourished mentally and emotionally.  Emotionally, attachment is the highest form of self-nourishment, spending quality time with friends, family and loved ones will reduce the emptiness that occurred emotionally.

How to Balance Ether Element?

For physical space, one can do yoga, pranayam, panchakarma, stretching, workout, jogging. that will make you fit and actively don’t worry here is a solution for a person couch potatoes too, have heavy foods that pacify the empty space of your tummy and digestive tract, and decrease ether.

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