Red chillies(लाल मिर्च)(Capsicum annuum) Herbal Arcade

11 surprising benefits of Chilli (मिर्च)(Capsicum annuum) | Introduction | Common Names | Usages | Gallery

11 surprising Chilli (मिर्च) Benefits, Intro, Common Names, Usages, Gallery

Capsicum annuum (Chilli),(मिर्च) Introduction

Chilli(मिर्च) is world-famous due it’s hot property. They are widely used in the kitchen as spices as they are having a strong flavour and are colourful. Most importantly they provide great economical strength. It’s immature green fruits are used for making pickle and vegetables whereas it’s mature red fruits are used for spices when they are dried.

it can be grown in all types of soil. In India, it is mostly cultivated in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Andar Pradesh. India is the biggest producer of spices in the world hence it is also number one in producing chilli.


Common Names Chilli (मिर्च)

Common Names chillies(मिर्च)(Capsicum annuum) Herbal Arcade
Common Names chillies(मिर्च)(Capsicum annuum) Herbal Arcade

Chilli is perennial herbaceous, straight, generally up to 0.6-.09 m long plant. Its leaves are simple, alternative, condensed, oval-shaped and about 5-7.5 cm long. Its fruits are long, cylindrical with sharpening end, brighter, thin and can be of red or yellow and green coloured.

Its seeds are oval-shaped, round. And it’s fruiting and ripening time is just after 2 months of sowing. In its fruits Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Mucilage, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Vitamin-C, Cinnamic acid, Pectin, Butyric acid and etc are found. Capsaicin is responsible for the property of hot.

Ayurvedic Properties of Chilli(मिर्च)

Ayurvedic Properties chillies(मिर्च)(Capsicum annuum) Herbal Arcade
Ayurvedic Properties chillies (मिर्च) (Capsicum annuum) Herbal Arcade

It is used as a remedy for cough, abdominal pain, Hoarseness of voice( स्वरभंग), anorexia, beneficial for digestion, cholera, diabetes, diphtheria, ulcer and other skin diseases. It is also helpful for reducing some chronic pain like arthritis, joint pain, back pain and etc. It might also be helpful for reducing headache and nausea. Taking this may also help in lessening the blood sugar level.

Health benefits and Usages of Chilli(मिर्च)

  • Chilli For Respiratory

    • Using chilli-fruit is beneficial for respiratory problems and cough as it reduces or balances Kapha dosha.
  • For Throat disorder

    • Hoarseness of voice ( स्वरभंग)- Mix a small amount of Chilli in sugar & almond, make the 125 gm pill and feeding this is highly beneficial.
    • Disorder of larynx– Make a decoction by mixing 5-10 gm grind chilli in 1-litre water, doing gargle from this is beneficial for throat disorder and stomatitis.
  • Chilli(मिर्च) For Abdomen

    • As we know obesity always causes many diseases so capsicum can help you to lose weight by reducing your appetite.And green chilli can improve the metabolism of someone as they are having almost zero calories. With this, it also improves digestion and reduces stomach ulcer.
  • For Abdominal pain

    • Mix 1 gm chilli powder in 100 gm jaggery & make the pill of 1-2 gm from it, feeding this will help to suppress abdominal pain.
    • Mix 1/2 gm red chilli powder in 2 gm shunthi (शुंठी) powder feeding this helps in suppressing dyspepsia, abdominal pain.
    • Consuming chilli with the meal is helpful in dyspepsia, abdominal pain and cholera.
Chilli tri-color Herbal Arcade
Chilli tri-color Herbal Arcade
  • Chilli(मिर्च) For Anorexia

    • Those who don’t feel hunger or don’t like food due to anorexia, they can be given 5 drops of chilli-seed-oil with sugar will give him good benefits.
  • For cholera

    • After every vomit & dysentery in cholera, the patient should be given 1/2 spoon of chilli oil. The patient will start feeling relax just after 3 times of giving oil.
    • Grind red chilli finely and make the pill like Jhadaberi ( Ber / झडबेर). The patient suffering from cholera should be given 1 pill with 7 cloves in the interval of 1-1 hour.
  • For Kidney related problems

    • Capsicum may also help in lessening the blood sugar level which will help in diabetes.
  • Chilli(मिर्च) For Diabetes

    • Taking red chilli may also help in lessening the blood sugar level and give benefits in diabetes.
    • Dropping One drop of chill seed oil in Batase (बतासे) eating with churndcurd/ lassi is highly beneficial for diabetes.
Red Chilli Benefits | Herbal Arcade
Farm Fresh Red Chilli Benefits | Herbal Arcade
  • Skin disorder

    • As red chilli is the rich source of Vit-C which is helpful for wound healing and makes our immune system strong but excess use will create indigestion problem.
  • Chilli For Pimples

    • pimples and etching happening during the rainy season can be removed by its oil.
    • Pimples come out on the body during summer, apply red chill seed oil on them will give instantly relaxation.
  • Other uses Of Chilli 

    • chilli is also helpful for reducing some chronic pain like arthritis, joint pain, back pain and etc because of Capsaicin in red chillies which have the property of anti-inflammation & works as genuine pain killer remedy.
    • The massage of the red chill seed oil is beneficial in arthritis.
    • Having the massage of chilli oil in colic, lumbago will give benefits.
    • Having the massage of it can also be beneficial for diphtheria.
    • Boil dried red chilli in the water and then spray this water where there is the habitat of the bedbugs. This will remove all bedbugs and they won’t come back.

Useful part:

  • Fruit
  • Dried Fruit


• Powder- 200mg – 15 grams



** Above Post is for Information Purposes, data are collected from various literature or experiences of many physicians (vaidya). Please do consult your doctor before trying. **


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